Anonymous : I just wanted to say thank you. You replied to a post I made on my blog about being good enough, and I hadn't seen it until now, but thank you for what you said. You were right, worth is not dictated by someone's ability to see it :)

aw no thank you dearest for remembering ! i hope it helped. xxxx

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unscrewedbutstillshining answered to your post“seriously considering a hamsa hand tattoo…”
i think they are really pretty if you want to do it, do it… where are you thinking of getting it
inside my upper arm, behind my elbow, or ribs, but i don’t want it to be too big, maybe like 3-4 cm ?
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maliciouswolf : My class liked your poem Young Wonder :) the presentation was good!

aw thanks but out of curiosity what exactly is Poetry Moment ?? x

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diversinq : where do you edit your poems? xx

i don’t understand the question ?? eeep

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quick thank you to all my followers !

humbled by 600+ of you. it can be hard to get a big following when you post all your own content, so thank you for being patient !!!! 

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